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Electrical Services To Power Your Home

When you begin a remodel or new construction project, you may feel lost in a sea of choices. That’s why it’s so important to have a team of professionals on your side whom you trust. At United Electric, we are a close group of electricians with a special interest in custom projects, like electrical remodeling in Tucson, AZ. We love executing our customers’ visions, especially when it means we get to work closely with them on unique projects.

It’s so important to get the electrical work right in the initial build of a new home or commercial property, as well as during any remodeling. A highly efficient home will save you in energy costs down the line. Plus, if wiring and electrical components are installed properly from the jump, you are less likely to need repairs later. United Electric has been providing reliable service to our customers since 1980, so you can trust our expertise and competence in the field.

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What Is Electrical Remodeling?

When you update or renovate part of your home, you likely don’t think about the electrical needs associated with the process. However, there are important steps in many remodeling projects that must be performed by an electrician, including appliance installation, adding new wiring or outlets, installing lighting fixtures, and more.

Bathrooms and kitchen remodeling especially require the expertise of an electrician. Appropriate outlets will need to be grounded and appliances installed properly to create a safe environment in both of these key rooms in your home.

When you begin a renovation project, typically you work with a general contractor, who will in turn work with us to make sure the proper electrical components are installed. We are meticulous in our process and complete our part of the project in a timely fashion, collaborating in sync with the general contractor and the rest of the crew making your renovation fantasies a reality.

If you’re interested in embarking on electrical remodeling in Tucson, AZ, call us at 520-844-0705, and we’ll happily answer your questions.

How Electricians Help With New Construction

When building a new house or commercial property, you need to consider your electrical options. You can build an energy-efficient home, with the latest technology and streamlined fixtures. Install smart home features or work with United Electric to build something completely custom.

Again, we’ll work with your general contractor to get the job done in concert with the other home services and construction professionals bringing your vision to life. The limit is simply your timeline and budget. Once given those constraints, we will strive to exceed your expectations with beautifully installed light fixtures, strategic outlet and light switch placement, and reliably safe wiring built to last.

When you plan a new construction in Tucson, think of United Electric as your first choice electrician. We are excited to discover and plan your dream home with you.