I chose United Electric from Angie's List based on their prior reviews. I moved to Tucson a few years ago and this is the first time that I needed to hire an electrician. I called and spoke to Adam to explain what I needed and scheduled for the technicians to come out. Aaron and Hans came to the house, on time, and we discussed and clarified what needed to be done. From there they went about completing the work. It was perfect. I can't say enough about the promptness, professionalism, and overall competence of the folks at United Electrical. If you're like me and want to establish long-term relationships with your trade folks (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.), this company should be on your short list to call for your next project. I'm already working with them on a landscape lighting project that I want to tackle.

02/28/2018 Scott  Barbounis

 This was a difficult job updating the electrical system in my older home. They did a really good job. I actually took them a day and a half because of all the work I wanted done in the house. I also need my smoke alarms updated and a chandelier in my 2 story entrance hall replaced. But, I am very pleased with the results. I now have lights and a ceiling fan in my kitchen that can even shine into closets. I will call them again for any more updated lights in my house.

03/20/2018 Maggie Kunsemuller

 Job was done well and at 1/3 less than quoted by another contractor. Installed a ceiling fan and ran new wiring with no visible marks on the ceiling. Routed the wiring to work off a switch that controlled a wall outlet; that outlet made independent and a second outlet added. Also worked with me in routing the wiring so future upgrades could be easily done. Minimal drywall work required. Very pleased with the result, would definitely hire again.

05/18/2018 Al Alves

Dimmable LED strip lighting was installed under 4 cabinets on 2 walls, separated by a pantry. All lighting was wired to the same dimmer switch which required additional time as the wiring had to go up into the attic and back down to the switch. We are very happy with the finished product. Technicians were prompt and when they did run into a time problem they called ahead to let us know. Excellent expert work. Will definitely hire again.

04/16/2018 Timothy Frank

Electricians completed the work in less than an hour. The owner gave me a $25 discount because I was first-time customer. I had not noticed that there was a coupon on their Angie's List website page, so appreciated that extra effort from the company.

04/03/2018 Jane Monson